Get Notified If Your Shopify Store Is Down

StoreAlarm is a Shopify app that monitors order volume.
If orders drop way below normal, you'll get notified.
Don't get caught off-guard by outages!

Made for Shopify Merchants Like:

Inspired by true stories...

"Over the weekend, USPS's API fell down. Our store stopped populating shipping information for domestic customers and order volume cratered. Customers got personally offended!"
- Stephanie, Head of Digital @ Litjoy Crate

"Our most popular product's inventory went out of stock because of a successful ad campaign. Before we could turn off the ad, we spent $2k budget on traffic that was impossible to convert. SMH."
- Brenda, Director of Special Projects, Perfect Keto

"We like our devs, but one time they pushed a change that broke our add to cart functionality. Of course it was on a day we had a bunch of long meetings. Our customer service guy barged in, but it was too late, we lost hundreds of orders."
- Nicco, Director of eCommerce, Kettle & Fire

Simple Product Setup

Define Your Order Threshold

For example, you want at minimum 3 orders per hour, Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm, and Saturday/Sunday 10am to 4pm, all in CST.

We Start Monitoring ASAP

Our app starts monitoring your store, using multiple measures of order volume.

We'll make sure you get notified

If you fall below your minimum order threshold, we'll email, text and even call you until you respond that you're looking into it.

The only order monitoring system for Shopify stores.

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